21 February 2010

Fasnacht in Zurich

This weekend was Fasnacht in Zurich. Fore more background on Fasnacht, I found this article on Wikipedia:


The highlight of Fasnacht is the parade in the old town on Sunday. There are music bands ( Guggemusik), lots of witches and other mountain creatures, kids can get candies and nice women will probably get lots of confettis in their hair or worst in their purse!

Here are some pictures:

So what do you think? Do you find this interesting? Scary? Fun?
Let me know.



  1. Hi Kay, nice to meet you! Congrats on this new blog and thanks for subscribing to mine. Love your title. Have you heard of the Swiss Expat Bloggers group http://swissexpatbloggers.ning.com ? It's a great way to discover other bloggers and meet people - we have an event coming up on March 12th, actually. Perhaps you can make it!

  2. Hi Romy! Thanks! I do know as I have asked to join, but the reply was that my blog is too young. I'll re-apply when I have been here a bit longer, so I hope to be able to meet you soon. Cheers!