02 March 2010

The Spice Gourmet is looking for a new place

My favorite Indian restaurant is looking for a new place. Not sure why, perhaps the restaurant is too small with its 16 places, but if you know of a place, please contact them.

Otherwise go have a meal before 30 April! It’s a less than five minute walk from the train/tram station Enge. Their menu is quite short, but everything is fresh and delicious. Be careful: sometime very spicy! I love to start with the avocado & mango salad followed by a chicken tikka masala (with naan bread!) and no dessert but a chai tea. Their chai is perfect. I’ve never been to India, but I like to think it’s the real thing. They have a special lunch menu, but it’s not much cheaper than the evening one. I have been twice in 3 days and I paid 80.- CHF for dinner with some wine and almost a CHF 100.- for lunch for two (we shared an apetizer, just one drink each, no dessert, but coffee& chai).

Service here is great. It’s always the same agreable man. I think he’s the owner. He waits on all table, so perhaps you should not be in a rush. Indian restaurants tend to be kitschy, but not this place. It’s minimalistic and warm. I just noticed yesterday their shelf to exchange Indian books, isn’t it great! I loved the idea!

So here is the website: http://www.spice-kitchen.ch/ if you have a good new place for them, do contact them. We’ll all be greatful to keep this jewel in town.



  1. Thanks for posting this! I have lunch with a group from my school pretty often and I'm suggesting this place for our next lunch.

  2. Meera Drelich, Owner The Spice Gourmet, ZurichFriday, April 09, 2010 12:04:00 a.m.

    Hi Kay,

    This is so not true! Can you please do me a favor and correct this information immediately. I'm sorry you have been mislead, unfortunately, due to the unscrupulousness of the person running this place right now.
    This is Meera Drelich, owner of The Spice Gourmet in Zurich.
    Last year, due to my husband being posted in the US, we had to move back to the US, and I sublet my place to Mr. Padmanabhan. I suggested that he keep a similar sounding brand name for recognition. He got my customer base, but changed the concept to 100% Indian, and gave me notice a couple of months ago effective 30th April.
    We at The Spice Gourmet have been here since the year 2000, will definitely continue from May 1st, as I have a new manager now, so what this man is doing is misleading and harmful, as the only correct fact is that he is leaving this place, but we are not, and he has printed flyers suggesting the place is closing down, when this is not true, and I would so much appreciate it if you could delete this entry, or at the very least, correct it. Please contact me at spice@thespicegourmet.com for any further verification. Thanks so much, Meera